Bully Prevention CD Toolbox
Using all the tools you have By Donna Clark Love

Need a way to report bullying? What about setting up a bullying prevention process? Save yourself hours of development and duplication by using the contents of this CD.

Full of valuable forms, surveys, needs assessments and other information on the phenomenon of bullying, this CD is a must for administrators, teachers, counselors, coaches and parents who want to do something about the problem. Facts and myths of bullying, cyber-bullying, relational aggression and bystander information are just some of the topics included.

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Bully Prevention Manual
Elementary and Secondary Educators and Parents By Donna Clark Love

Put downs, nasty rumors, cruel text messages, ostracizing others and verbal attacks exist in every school.

What school doesn’t need an effective framework for dealing with the bully, the bullied and the bystander? But, where do you start? This manual has been highly recognized for the down to earth solutions for students, teachers, counselors, administrators, coaches and parents who choose to take action against bullying behavior. Complete with insightful information, sample policy and procedure, and essential tools, this manual is the basis for a comprehensive and very effective bully prevention/intervention process on any K-12 campus.

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The Complete Support Group Manual
For: K-12 Educators, Counselors, & Community Agencies
By Donna Clark Love

How to set-up/ facilitate powerful & effective support groups

This practical manual is divided into three components (1) issues often at the center of a student’s troubles, (2) logistical/technical info about how to facilitate support groups and (3) a set of elementary and secondary lessons designed for your use in groups. What issues do our kids encounter that impact grades, attitude, and behavior? BULLYING, violence, family trauma, peer-con͌icts, and academic pressures are just a few issues that trouble our kids. Why not provide a strong support structure to help our kids get through life’s tougher moments? New & experienced support group leaders can utilize these numerous tools & strategies to help students boost self- esteem, identify defenses, stop bullying, and reduce isolation.

Student Support Groups – “A powerful vehicle of transformation for students.”

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