When Good Morning America Calls

As I was looking at some glorious ankle boots at Macys, my phone rings and I see that it is a New York area code. I quickly pick it up. I think I am going to pass out when I hear, “Good afternoon, Ms. Clark Love. This is a producer from Good Morning America calling to see if you have a moment to talk!!” Do I have a moment??Are you kidding me?” After grabbing a chair in the busiest part of the shoe section, I listen intently as the producer tells me she wants to send a film crew to Houston to interview me about the newest social media cyber bullying trend called, “Roasting”. This trend involves people asking to be insulted by posting photos or videos of themselves on platforms such as InstagramYouTube, Twitter and Reddit, usually with the hashtag #roastme. Then friends or strangers online will take turns insulting the person who posted the original photo/video.

When we hang up, I do a normal thing when one is called by a producer from Good Morning America… I scream and jump up and down!!! Of course this causes a raucous in the already chaotic shoe section. I then proceed to announce to perfect strangers that I was just contacted by Good Morning America for an interview to be on their show for a bullying segment.  I was then surprised as people smiled and begin to congratulate me. This day had to be one of the high points in my career!! I left Macy’s with no new boots, but a definite spring in my step!