Interview with Forbes Magazine

Who would not feel honored in receiving a phone call from a Forbes Magazine reporter requesting an interview on cyber bullying and then being featured in the article as a bullying expert? One of my quotes from the article: “The people who tend to be bullies, online and in person, have an average or higher self-esteem than their peers.” Conventional wisdom has long suggested that bullies come from rough families, have low self-esteem, or mainly harass others because they were once victims themselves. So, in turn, schools and workplaces have designed interventions/programs for bullies with the belief that the ones who are engaging in bullying behaviors have low self-esteem. Countless research studies/surveys have found that bullies have higher self-esteem, lower rates of depression and greater social success than their peers. WOW! This means that schools and workplaces need to make some dire changes in the way they implement bullying prevention/intervention techniques and programming! If you would like to know more about this research and actually learn what works and what does not work in bully prevention/intervention, contact me to speak, consult with or train for your particular school or organization!

You can access this Forbes Interview with a Google Search using “ Donna Clark Love”