What an amazing experience to have the opportunity to again deliver a keynote and a workshop to a very large audience at the 26th Annual Texas School Social Workers Conference. The theme was “Transforming Generations”. School Social Workers have many challenges, including dealing with the rampant venues for cyber bullying. What does one do when cyber bullying spills into school? One cannot begin to address this issue unless one is equipped with a toolkit of innovative and practical interventions to combat bullying. Who would of thought that in our generation, kids would be using apps such as,” YikYak, kik, Chat-Roulette, 9Gag, Omegle, Vine and Whisper” to spread vicious rumors and post inappropriate photos/videos? Awareness is our first line of defense; we have to know what and how our kids are utilizing social media to escalate viciousness and terrorize other kids 24/7. Affronted by cyberspace’s bullying incidents, many school parents are looking to administrators, teachers, social workers and counselors 4 help. To all conference participants’, my hope is that you will take your toolkit and immediately begin applying what you have learned during this session, both on the school front, as well in your community!