CHANNEL 11 KHOU-TV: “If ONLY PARENTS KNEW…” Weeklong TV Series on Cyber Bullying

In February 2017, I consulted with and provided the most current research and candid interviews for Channel 11 KHOU-TV’s investigative Reporter Jeremy Rogalski for a weeklong series entitled, “If ONLY PARENTS KNEW…. This series featured an honest, heartbreaking and powerful look into how kids are engaging in cyber bullying behavior, what it is and how it is exposing our teenagers to cruel bullying, explicit content, dangerous situations and more. If you would like to see the footage of each broadcast, as well as take a bullying quiz, authored by myself, to find how much you know—or don’t know—about bullies in 2017 or you would like to know the tips for how you can monitor your kids’ online habits.